I love holiday weddings! It probably goes back to my own parents’ wedding on Dec. 18, 1955. I wasn’t there but I’ve always been entranced by my mom’s description of her bridesmaids carrying muffs with holly sprigs pinned to them — how romantic and lovely is that? So I was tickled when Younger Daughter asked me to go with her to a friend’s wedding that was the weekend before Christmas. Her friends had so many sweet touches to the ceremony — a processional of guitar music, simple and classic knee-length bridesmaids’ dresses, a swirly logo on the invitations and programs — that I should have known the reception would be equally classic. It was at Locust Hill, an outstanding historic house in Tuscumbia, Alabama — a town full of outstanding historic houses. I especially was enthralled with the entryway, where a holiday-decorated antique sidebar held scrapbook pages for guests to sign plus photos of the couple. And the groom’s cake was fun with its fishing theme. Now, I can hear some of you non-Southern folks scratching your heads and wondering what a “groom’s cake” is. While it’s true that this tradition of honoring the groom with his own cake is no longer confined to states that consider Jefferson Davis’ birthday an official holiday, it’s still not a common tradition outside of the South. And I’m not even sure why it’s such a Southern thing, sort of like cheese straws and using the word “tea” to mean “a tall glass of cold iced sweet goodness.” But I’m glad weddings are celebrated everywhere. Even where nobody knows what a groom’s cake is.

6 thoughts on “Weddings

  1. I liked our wedding, too! But we did have plenty of dessert-type food — or so I’ve been told, since of course I didn’t get a single bite of it. But I’m over that. Totally over that. Don’t even think a thing about it. Not bitter at all that I didn’t get to eat at my own wedding …

  2. I’d love to have a print of Jefferson Davis for display in my home! (Not to take away from the ambience of wedding-talk or romance…)

  3. Well I just love that your Mom’s Maids had white muffs and Holly..we got married near Christmas always takes a backseat to Christmas. I knew about the Grooms Cake but only because I watched “Steel Magnolias” 🙂

  4. I know, I know — nobody can forget that armadillo. But I promise that real armadillo groom’s cakes are pretty rare! And thanks for the sweet words about my mom’s wedding, Connie. Much appreciated.

  5. I had NO idea that Groom’s cakes were a Southern tradition, I thought everyone had them. One more reason to Bless their hearts ’cause MOSTLY, they are chocolate & better than the Bride’s cake.

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