I don’t know what it is about me and my two daughters, but we absolutely adore any combination of bread, fruit and Apple and cheese sandwichescheese — particularly if it’s all warm and melty. Y’all already know about Younger Daughter’s signature Banana and Peanut Butter Breakfast Sandwiches — — and it’s true that I’ve been obsessively enjoying a fresh fig and Laughing Cow cheese panini for lunch almost every day this Halloween fall, but I think the high point of our bread-fruit-cheese adventures came this past weekend when Older Daughter wanted a quick, tasty and nutritious pre-trick-or-treating supper before introducing 19-month-old Capt. Adorable to the joys of free candy. After much negotiating — Should we use the Foreman, a skillet or the Halloween hairstylesbroiler? — we came up with these open-face apple-and-cheese sandwiches. First we toasted thick-sliced whole-grain sourdough bread under the broiler, then we added various cheeses (our favorite turned out to be simple cheddar) and thinly sliced Honeycrisp apples, sprinkling dark brown sugar and cinnamon on some of the sandwiches. Then we popped them back under the broiler, watching carefully since we’re prone to wander away and start entirely new projects while we’re cooking — not good. Anyway, our apple and cheese sandwiches turned out easy, yummy and fun. And the Captain loved trick-or-treating! Maybe next year his mom will actually let him have some of the candy.

And if you’re still struggling to adjust to this past weekend’s time change back to Standard Time as well as Halloween candy overload, you’re not alone. Read my weekly newspaper column at to find out who are the only members of my family remaining unaffected by our annual falling back.

7 thoughts on “Food

  1. Great Captain pics! I love his candy bag, too. The sandwiches sound really good but I have never had anything like that. Will have to try!

  2. I love it when you link to your very interesting articles. I really liked this one. I hate the time change! I’m for letting Mother Nature tell us when it’s dark.

    Love the sandwich. I’m a fruit and cheese lover myself and will definitely try this one.

  3. Cathy I didn’t know you were a fruit and cheese nut also! I’ve been trying to convert people for years to fruit and cheese sandwiches rather than all that heavy meat. My favorite is toasted Dublinger cheddar with pear preserves or apricot preserves.

  4. Thanks, y’all, for the kind words. You have no idea how much I appreciate them. And, Cheryl — Oh my goodness — I am now craving that delicious sandwich you describe — and I’m so glad to find a fellow bread/cheese/fruit fan. I had no idea!!!

  5. Finally a photo of the captain! He was just adorable, I knew he would be..couldn’t you sneak him some candy?
    The time change always makes me crabby..well crabbier..I think we should just forget about being so structured with time..and just eat when we are hungry and sleep when it is dark..oh ya..that might be called hibernation! 🙂

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