Fall decor I don’t want to sound all grumpy and old — I mean, I know who Monsters of Folk are, after all — but aren’t we rushing the holidays just a little bit? Look, it’s only early November, but I’ve already seen enough Christmas-shopping commercials and front-door Christmas wreaths to last me through December. And the thing is that I love the holidays. I am definitely a Christmas kind of girl. I believe you can never have enough wassail and frankincense and festive good cheer, not to mention yummy food, fun parties and presents for all. It’s just that I also am a fall kind of person. I love autumn leaves and pumpkins and brown and orange sweaters. I adore warm days and cool nights and those lovely 5 p.m. sunsets. And I know, I know — stores started  selling Halloween merchandise in August so technically we’ve had enough time to celebrate fall. But, still, it’s the first week of November. I’m just not ready to flip the switch to Christmas yet — particularly since that means Thanksgiving gets sort of lost. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays — you get all the fun without any of the pressure. What’s not to like about that? This arrangement I saw in a Tupelo, Mississippi, hotel lobby this past week would make the perfect Thanksgiving decoration — although it’s probably gone by now and replaced by a Christmas tree. Sigh. And, really, why fight it? I have been thinking about going ahead and unearthing the holiday CDs that every year I put away so carefully so I can find them easily the next year, which never works, of course. It usually takes me a couple weeks to track them down, so that should be about right. Feliz Navidad!

7 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Don’t give in just yet. I’m with you. Marketeers rush past Halloween, ignore Thanksgiving (it’s only food, you know) and skip right into Christmas. I understand they need to make money, especially in the economy mess we are in, but it’s too much. Like you, I am a Autumn admirer, and I don’t want to be worrying about lists as I’m scrunching through the leaves. Take heed, there’s alot of us out there who are not giving in to the “hurry up” syndrome.

  2. I put up my Thanksgiving decorations today but I too almost got the Xmas CD’s out. In one weeks time almost all the leaves are off the trees, it’s cold and gloomy. It’s like winter is here and that means Xmas!

  3. Fall in Anchorage Alaska continues to be glorious and even warm. Today it is 42 degrees and no humidity. Which means it is only sweater weather. I had to go and get the doggies some food during the lunch break and Alaska Mill & Feed was setting out GOBS of Christmas decor….. cannot escape early Christmas anywhere, I guess.

  4. No, no, no. No Christmas music yet. Wait until December.

    Thank you John Pitts. I have no idea who they are either. I guess Cathy is just cooler than we are.

  5. Nope, Sarah, not cooler — I just noticed they were the free iTunes song at Starbucks and then I heard/saw/read/or something other people talking about them. If it’s not at Starbucks, I never hear about it!

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