Baylen apartmentsOkay, I’ve finally found my dream home. I don’t Pensacola, Floridacare that it’s hundreds of miles away from where I want to live and more than twice what my husband’s willing to pay. A girl can dream, right? This past month when my husband and I were in Pensacola for a lie-on-the-beach-and-drink-beer-and-eat-crabcakes vacation, we came across the Baylen Lofts a couple blocks north of the historic downtown area — and I immediately fell in love. These are five townhouses carved out of an old industrial/commercial building, with enclosed garage space, a balcony and fun rooftop views. I love the sleek modern feel, the airy open spaces and the cool-factor of being steps away from restaurants, shops and museums. If I had a spare half-million dollars or so sitting around, I wouldn’t even hesitate. “Think of all the money we’d save on condo rentals if we had an apartment instead of having to make reservations every year when we go to the beach,” I pointed out to my husband. He wasn’t buying it — literally. But since I can’t, I want somebody else to get one of these lofts so I can come visit. Anybody??? Check out Baylen Lofts at

10 thoughts on “Lofts

  1. Something tells me we might be able to find a home that has many of the same qualities that you like so much in a slightly more practical location.

  2. I love the look of these types of units but to tell the truth I’d be a fish out of water. Where would I hang my beaded curtains and toss my tie-dyed pillows?

  3. Husband John Pitts — I will take you up on that.

    Evelyn — I knew I could count on you!

    Sarah — See, I got so excited I forgot all grammar rules. Thank you for setting me straight, as always.

    Becky — I forgot this was your town. You should check this out next time you’re there — don’t you need a Pensacola apartment???

  4. Normally I bite my tongue (or sit on my fingers in this case) but lie/lay, especially related to sunbathing, is one of my pet peeves. And we English majors really do have to present a united front against the Philistines.

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