Shoe Shopping

Shoe shoppingBelk shoe saleAre there any words more dear to a woman’s heart than “shoe sale?” There’s just something about a sea of markdowns that we cannot resist. This past weekend some friends and I were in Birmingham, Alabama, for the funeral of another friend’s Shoe shoppingmother. After the service, we needed some therapeutic girl-time, and there’s no better place than a sale at Southern department-store icon Belk. It’s definitely the place to be, female-wise. My friends were on the hunt for specific  shoes for upcoming weddings and christenings and I’m always open to the siren song of possibility — “I don’t really need these 4-inch purple snakeskin platform sandals or these bright turquoise-and-yellow pointy-toe flats but you never know when they might come in handy.” That is, I was open to possibilities of expanding my own personal shoe options until somehow, from many miles away, my husband felt the cosmic vibration of me being in the middle of a shoe sale and called to forestall any impulsively major purchase. How does he do that???

10 thoughts on “Shoe Shopping

  1. I like the yellow flat sandal , and the white wedge w/the rose on top. If I was there, I would HAVE to HAVE THEM. It becomes almost impossible to tear yourself away, unless, like you, there’s a phone call, and you return to Earth and remember your closet. 😉

  2. Man I missed some great shoes Saturday!!! All for the love of my daughter. I’ve been looking for some just like those white wedges!

  3. Kathy — I didn’t get a single pair! I could feel my husband’s disapproval from a whole state away.

    Sarah — It was tough, believe me, to leave such cute styles on the table. It’s the new frugal me! (Nah, not really. But at least I tried … for a day.)

    Becky — I don’t think Belk is going out of business. It’d better not, anyway, after swallowing our beloved Parisian. I know Belk continues to close some of the “underperforming” Parisian stores it took over a couple years ago, so maybe that’s what’s happening your way.

  4. Cheryl — I didn’t want to tell you all that you were missing! You did the right thing to stay in Barnes and Noble visiting daughter Laura. Daughter-time trumps shoe-shopping any day.

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