Corinth, Mississippi

Borroum's Drug Store Whenever you get a hankering for real food in a real place, Borroum's Drug Store try Borroum’s Drug Store in Corinth, Mississippi. My husband and I were there on the Third of July, when Borroum’s was among the few downtown Corinth restaurants open for the holiday weekend. But Borroum’s is bustling even Borroum's Drug Store when everything else is open – it’s where the locals hang out every day and you should, too, although you’ll be immediately John Lewis Pittspegged as a visitor when you ask for a menu. This is the authentic old-fashioned soda fountain/drug store from years past. It’s crowded and noisy and messy and you need to check your cholesterol counter at the door. Husband had a cheeseburger and fries and I had the tuna melt, which truly was exactly like my mother used to make: More tuna than mayo. We had a great time eating and eavesdropping on Corinth gossip and people-watching as folks came in to the drugstore part. Then we enjoyed checking out the old photos and antique displays on the way out. Here’s the thing, though, that is what I love about Corinth: At Borroum’s and almost everywhere else in town, the old and the new and the history and the right-now sort of blend together and you can’t really tell the difference. In other towns, a place like Borroum’s would be a touristy spot that somebody bought and redecorated after it had changed hands from the original owners a couple times. In Corinth, it’s run by the original owner’s great-granddaughter — and it’s the real thing. Check it out at

7 thoughts on “Corinth, Mississippi

  1. I love soda fountain shops. They seem so far and few. There is a familiar old time feeling about one. And I love the way the owners know the locals. It is fun to sit, eat a yummy meal and listen to the local talk. Good for you that you and Hubby had a great time!

  2. I love that! We used to have one in the center of my hometown. Alas, it is gone – as well as many other businesses.


  3. My wife and I discovered Borroum’s Drugstore a couple of years ago. We now make the trek to Corinth every few months to enjoy Borroum’s. You need to checkout their famous slug burger on your next visit. It’s a piece of local Corinth culinary history.

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