Budget fashionThis is my beautiful older daughter, Liz. We were at a family get-together this weekend and I thought she looked absolutely adorable. Now, you have to know that she is mom to my 15-month-old grandson, Capt. Adorable; a dance teacher; a staffer at her local Little Gym and to top it all off, the most frugal and budget-conscious person I know — a trait she obviously did not get from me, to my husband’s eternal consternation. You usually can find Liz in yoga pants or a Little Gym T-shirt or whatever she found on the floor in her closet from three years ago that is clean fits. Clothes just aren’t her top priority day-to-day. But when she wants to, she can put together a chic and affordable look that’s so cute and definitely says “cool young mom.” From the gladiator sandals to the statement necklace, nothing here probably cost more than $35-$50. I love that she took basic shorts and jazzed them up with an eye-catching yet simple and comfortable top that will withstand anything Capt. Adorable dishes out — literally. Plus, the flat sandals were perfect for tramping around on the grass — it always makes me feel slightly superior tickles me when I see unsuspecting and image-conscious women wear heels to outdoor events — what are you thinking??? I am thinking that Liz has this whole mom-style thing figured out — and I shudder to remember our 1980s young-mom uniform. Stirrup pants and bedazzled sweatshirts, anyone?

8 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. She is a doll, great style! I was a mom of the 90’s leggings and tunics! Horrible!! Love her sandals!

  2. Thank God I never wore leggings. I’m in denial about stirrup pants–only had one pair. What were we thinking?

    My daughter wore her Gucci sandals (3-inch heels) to my parents’ 50th anniversary party in my sister’s back yard. There had been a huge rainstorm the night before. Major sinking into the grass. I had to laugh–but not where she could see me, of course. And she did look fabulous.


  3. Gosh, she seriously is an ad for a great look! That necklace is such a good touch, she is stylin’ in our book!

    Happy rest of the week to you Miss CLW!

  4. she looks footloose and fancy free.. both literally and spirtually

    well done on the mom job you did 🙂


  5. She definately has a put together look, and for giving birth 15 months ago…looks great! Kudos to her that she knows how to do it. With the price of kids clothes etc., she’s ahead of the game.

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