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Helen Keller Festival of the Artscraft showI love craft shows! I think it goes back to when I was young in the 1960s and ’70s and my folks would take my brother and me to every arts/crafts festival within miles. That’s where I learned to value handmade — and I still have some of the pieces I bought then with my carefully saved allowance. This weekend, the Helen Keller Festival of the Arts is part of a weeklong celebration of Tuscumbia, Alabama’s most famous native daughter. It wraps up today at Spring Park, and if you’re within miles you should come over and check it out. There’s wonderful pottery, artwork and jewelry, plus food, music and fun throughout the park. Admission to the craft festival is free. Don’t forget to walk up the hill to downtown Tuscumbia and visit Cold Water Books, the local gathering spot where you can get an iced coffee, Helen Keller books you can’t find anywhere else …  and a bathroom. Find out more about the Helen Keller Festival at

9 thoughts on “Craft Shows

  1. we have one of those similar coming up here at frontier days in a month.. fun, relaxing and always see something new and different that geez you just have to have !


  2. We are both fiends for these festivals and shows, the house is *filled* with pieces we found all over the country at just such events. We love handmade over machine made whenever possible!

  3. I love craft shows for several reasons. I believe in supporting Artists and their crafts. All items are different, which is what I love. Artists craft items that are not made by the millions in a foreign country, and for that I highly respect. I enjoy looking around my house, and seeing various pieces of pottery or paintings or jewelry that I have purchased at craft shows. I love supporting these wonderful people. I also enjoy talking to the actual artist who made each piece. It’s an amazing experience.

  4. how fun! i always love seeing what awesome things people can create. love those purses, i would’ve totally splurge some of my allowance on that as a kid 🙂 haha

  5. Kathy — You are so right. Craft shows offer so many opportunities to do some good. And I was just thinking about all the cool things I could buy! Thanks to you — and everybody — for the additional insight.

  6. And Jubilee — you are so right, too. My husband lasts for about one go-round and then he’s ready to go, while I want to examine almost every little thing at every booth. Sigh.

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