World Market candy World Market pillowsThere’s not a World Market in our little Alabama town, so everytime my husband and I are on the road and pass one, we have to stop and go in. The thing about World Markets is that there’s plenty for both of us to happily browse through. First, we both head to the food section in the back, where my husband gets tickled by the huge nostalgic candy inventory and I investigate the gourmet junk food — are we healthy or what? We linger in the beer aisle and I check out the coffees and teas while he surfs the fiery southwestern choices. After that, my husband eyes the furniture and I ooh and ahh over accessories such as pillows, curtains and candleholders. In truth, his attention starts to wander while I’m still dragging him over to check out this rug or that coffee maker but he’s a good sport and tries to stay focused long enough to veto the paisley-print sheets and the orange batik lampshade. My fantasy is to walk into World Market, tell the clerks, “I’ll take two of everything,” and then live in global bliss ever after. And I’m absolutely sure my dear husband feels the same way.

8 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. We don’t have a world market near where I live, however, I am sure I would want to make many purchases – with a smile of course!

  2. Honey, when our ship comes in, first thing we’ll do is sail it to World Market. I promise.

  3. I wish we had a World Market around here. I am always shopping at the one in Columbus when we go out there.

  4. I agree with you all — add a Whole Foods or Fresh Market in, and I’d be perfectly happy with Anthropologie and World Market. Plus maybe a cute little chic and affordable boutique. That my husband doesn’t know about.

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