Grocery Stores

Fresh bulk spicesHere’s another guess-that-store quiz. Okay, actually it’s just Nolan Thomas Behelanother excuse to squeeze in a photo of grandson Capt. Adorable, but I can’t resist. My husband John Pitts cautions against overwhelming you all with pics of the Captain but we’re all friends here and I know you forgive me and besides everybody I meet in person is tired of me waving my digital keychain in their faces. Anyway, can you identify this upscale grocery? Usually we keep Capt. Adorable in the cart but he couldn’t stand it this time so we allowed some supervised leg-stretching and he immediately headed to the produce section, where he started squeezing the fruit, eating the lettuce and checking out the fresh pistachios. Smart boy.

10 thoughts on “Grocery Stores

  1. Easy! Fresh Market! Which I like, except that their music is way too loud. Does anyone else feel the same? Sometimes I just have to run screaming out of there because of the violins.


  2. We don’t have a Fresh Market, although we do have a Whole Foods, which maybe is similar. You can’t put enough pics. up of Capt. Adorable, because he is so adorable!

  3. Whole Foods is much better. It doesn’t have screechy violin music, and doesn’t sell stuff made with high fructose corn syrup. But Fresh Market is way better than anything we have in Florence. Sorry, Sherry Campbell, but you know it’s true.


  4. Of course it’s Fresh Market. And congrats to everybody who flagged me down today and correctly ID’d it as the Fresh Market at Whitesburg and Airport in Huntsville, Alabama — you all know me too well.

    And thank you, too, for the kind words about Capt. Adorable. He did sort of take over the place!

  5. Since he is too cute a plethora of pictures is not a problem. We don’t have a Fresh Market here but we do have Whole Foods.

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