15 thoughts on “Manatee Mailbox

  1. That is a one of a kind! Right now the beach sounds good too much rain in out part of world. Have a great day.

  2. Ina — Nope, my mailbox is one of those Fisher-Price Little People-plastic types, but I would love to have enough gumption to put up a manatee mailbox! We think that the mailbox-owners are Florida transplants since there’s a pink flamingo in the yard, too — or maybe they’re just dreaming of the beach.

  3. I guessed that was what our youngest, the manatee fan, had installed in front of her apartment.

  4. Dear husband John Pitts — she did try to buy something very similar at Home Goods (translation for husband: that’s TJ Maxx’s home store)although not as big and not a mailbox but sadly found out that the $20 price tag was from something else.

  5. I stopped liking manatees when I realized I was starting to look like one as I headed toward menopause. I keep checking my chin for whiskers.

  6. That’s brilliant! It would make it easy to give someone directions – ‘yes, ours is the house with the large manatee out front’ 🙂

  7. I was doing a search on something totally unrelated and came across this…this house is right around the corner from me…my little girl and I got a kick out of the manatee the first time we took a walk here and saw it LOL

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