What could be better than a cozy rainy Sunday evening at home, with everybody accounted for, some of the New York Times still left to read and Amazing Race coming on later. I can’t wait. Will Luke and Margie nice-en up? Will Cara and Jaime finally realize that the whole world does not speak English? Will Tammy and Victor be victorious? And will Kisha and Jen … well, my annoyance at them for escalating the whole Luke and Margie confrontation evaporated during this past episode, when Jen was so valiantly trying to face her body-paralyzing fear of water and Kisha was so bravely supportive of her sister. Seems as if Luke and Margie would understand something about trying to overcome obstacles. I’m just saying.

12 thoughts on “TV

  1. I am SO over Luke and Margie. They are not nice people. I’m rooting for Tammy and Victor. He has mellowed so much since the ill-fated casket episode.

  2. You are so right, Sarah. At first I was for the mother-son team, but now they seem as if they feel entitled. But I wonder if really they’re nice people we’d like to be friends with but competition and stress is bringing out the worst in them.

  3. I must not be watching the right shows because I didn’t understand any of that. It can’t possibly be the 2 glasses of wine. Enjoy the evening at home.

  4. Update: Jen and Kisha out due to slow bug eating and a bathroom break. But really, I would have done the same thing in Jen’s place. Is everybody betting on Tammy and Victor for the win?

  5. I was really sorry to see Kisha and Jen go. I think I’m rooting for Tammy and Victor at this point. The rude redhead has soured me on their team. I think Margie has babied Luke a bit too much in his lifetime – although I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same in her shoes. It was somehow good to hear her admit that she’s tired of him calling her.

  6. Stuck here in Scotland I have no idea what you are talking about, but it sounds really exciting. Stress and competition definitely brings out the worst in me.

  7. KayKay — I think you’re right. It’s easy to be critical of Margie but what mom among us wouldn’t have been just as protective over a deaf child? And I love that she’s getting a little annoyed at him, too!

  8. Luke and Margie are still my favorites..she is running a great race. He is a bit impatient..but after all he is deaf. I hope they win..although Tammy and Victor are a strong pair also. I am over the Redheads..they seem so blonde…duh one speaks English ..and all the cab drivers are out to ruin their lives:)

  9. Can’t imagine why anyone would have taken a bathroom break before they checked in with the redheads so close behind them. Just wet yourself!! The mom is getting tired-she has had to run this whole race mostly by herself. I think being in China gave the siblings an unfair advantage. But, of the three left, I would prefer that they win.

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