Capri pantsAre you like me and find yourself turning to seasonal uniforms, fashion-wise? My cold-weather go-to outfit is a black turtleneck with boots and jeans. Boring but classic, I guess. As temperatures start rising, the turtlenecks get folded up and the boots get cleaned and stored and it’s time for capri pants. I remember 10 years ago or so when capris went mainstream again, invoking days of  Grace Kelly/Jackie Kennedy sophistication instead of the dowdy and baggy gardening attire they’d become in the past couple decades. “I could never wear these new capris,” I remember saying then. “They’re only for young girls with good legs.” Today, of course, young girls with good legs wear short shorts and us moms and grandmoms gratefully have made capris our No. 1 summer basic. I love how they’re cool and comfortable but still allow me to sit and bend and move around without fear of … well, exposure. Unlike shorts, you know. But capris are not trouble-free. The problem is finding ones that fit and flatter your legs as well as your middle. Not easy. If the leg openings work, chances are the waistband won’t. And vice versa. And if you find the perfect fit, it’ll be in lime green or electric turquoise blue or some other tropical color that in the store you can talk yourself into thinking you’ll wear all summer but really you wear them only once to the neighbor’s cookout and then never again. That’s why I felt as if I’d hit the jackpot when I recently found two perfect pairs of capris. I had been on the lookout because my only wearable pair of denim capris — hand-me-ups from one of my daughters — had moved from the “wear only at home” category to the “wear only when doing yard work” category. And you can’t get through summer in Alabama without denim capris. Luckily, I scored at Belk’s with a pair of dark denim (Ralph) Lauren Jeans Co. The rise is high enough to prevent muffin tops but low enough not to be matronly. The other pair is a lightweight denim from Gap. It’s a Limited Edition with a lower waistband and slash pockets that I’ll take out and sew shut for a smoother line. So I’m all set — except today it’s sort of cool and rainy and makes me think I need boots and turtlenecks again.

11 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. Being a short person I never thought I’d wear capris but I love them. Think I might have to hit the Gap. Thanks for passing along the info.

  2. Love your choices! I just bought a great pair from Ann Taylor Loft that are dark and can be dressed up or down. Also a fun casual pair from Old Navy that has a draw string and looks great with flip flops! So glad spring is here and turtlenecks are put away!!

  3. You are so right, Kathy. In fact, I found my favorite pair of capris about five years ago at Ann Taylor — and never underestimate the possibilities of Old Navy. You never know what you’ll find there!

  4. I found some adorable little cotton argyle short sleeved sweaters at They are Merona. I’m going to wear my navy one with my new Target light blue seersucker Bermudas. Haven’t figured out the shoes yet.

  5. You will sew up the pockets for a smoother look, really? Now I know where I’m going wrong.

  6. I LIVE in capris…but I agree with you. There is always a “right” length and style for each person. Mine have to be pretty long and flared to look decent. Great finds!!

  7. I look horrible in capris, just horrible and bermuda shorts, yuk too. I love the cold. I just look better when the clothes on my legs go down to my ankles.

  8. So funny, because I tried on those Gap capris TODAY. I went to renew my summer wardrobe–it’s the same as yours–plus I needed new shorts. I loved those pants, but the trouser-ish cut didn’t work for my rear. I wound up getting two pairs of bermuda shorts and two tops, so I am ready to rock.

  9. Eryl — Oh yes. I always take out my pocket linings and sew up the pocket openings on the outside. Removes lumps and bumps that way — well, lumps and bumps from the clothes, anyway.

  10. Jessica — I bet that somewhere there’s the perfect capri for you. You just haven’t found it yet.
    Becky – Did you get some bermudas at Gap? See, I can rarely find bermuda shorts there that look any kind of decent. And this past summer I scored some great capris at Kohl’s.

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