Spring Cleaning

Seems as if everybody’s spring cleaning. Folks determinedly are clearing out closets and basements and unloading unwanted clothes, shoes (“How have I ended up with 60 pairs of shoes?” one friend said. “I don’t even like them all!”), books, furniture and unfinished (unstarted?) projects. After all, it is easier to operate from sleek and organized spaces. It helps to spring-clean your brain, too. You know all those bits and pieces of ideas and thoughts that flit through your mind and you plan to do something with but never do? I gathered up a few of those and made my weekly newspaper column out of them. Read it at http://www.timesdaily.com/article/20090417/ARTICLES/904175001.

And now my mental columns-to-write filing cabinet is alarmingly empty. Ideas, please!!!

8 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I almost passed over this…”Spring Cleaning?” Come on – I’m much too glamorous to waste my time on such nonsense (ha!)…but you never fail to disappoint, Cathy…I just love your musings. I feel like you’re someone I want to have for a neighbor.

    Okay, now that we’re ‘good friends’ feel free to come and help me do my spring cleaning. However, I think Michele above has the best advice. Just move.

    Anyway, I do love your writings. Especially your stories about Captain Adorable.

  2. People are cleaning? News to me! 😉 Actually, my class is holding a second-hand store to raise money for a field trip, and we are asking for donations from our school families. You should SEE the amount of bags and baskets of unused “stuff” people are getting rid of! I just hope other people are willing to buy it!

  3. Can you write about how you just cleaned out your closets and now your husband wants to have a yard sale but you just want to call the Goodwill van and get it over with in one feel swoop because you’ve got a lot of reality TV to watch?

  4. I think that moving instead of cleaning seems the most sensible solution. I’ve heard of folks who moved every time they needed to paint, but that seems sort of extreme!

  5. I’m in total agreement with wa here. Will keeps saying we should have a yard sale… YARD SALE!? That means I have to get up early… REALLY early… on a Saturday morning and drag all of this mess out into the yard. Then whatever doesn’t sell either comes back in or goes to goodwill. Why not take it there to begin with?!

  6. Danielle — We’re having a sale here the third Saturday in May. If you want to join us, come on over. But you have to take your own leftovers home!!!

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