Old Navy little boy clothesWhen my two now-20-something-year-old daughters Old Navy women's blouseswere younger, Old Navy was Clothing Central. We could find whatever we needed there for all three of us: School clothes, T-shirts and shorts for summer, jeans, jackets and even work basics for my office. Lately though, I’ve been disappointed. I don’t know if we’ve changed or Old Navy has, but I’ve walked out empty-handed most times I’ve gone in recently — if I even went in. With grandson Capt. Adorable’s arrival almost 13 months ago, however, Old Navy has regained its top spot for family fashion. I bypass everything else and head straight back to the baby-boy corner, where shirts and shorts like these are off the cute-0-meter. And cheap. In size 12-18 months, each of these pieces was about $12. I think Capt. Adorable’s going to be the best-dressed toddler at the playground. And of course, on my way out of the baby-boy section, I just happened to spy these blouses for me. Perfect! They’re lightweight and fitted just like I want button-up blouses to be and they give winter-weary closets some of that cheerful color warm-up we’re all craving right now. At $25 each, they come in literally a rainbow of shades. Hard to choose — I may have to go back for more. Check them out also at

6 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. It appears that you have rekindled your ties with Old Navy. I have been on the same thought process as you. They went down; now it’s nice to know they are back up again. Kind of like a roller coaster!

  2. It’s funny, darling son has also stopped finding good things at Old Navy. I really think the quality is less than it used to be.

  3. Sometimes I’ll go in a store and think everything there is a load of #$%* but the next week the same things look wonderful! Probably depends more on my state of mind — and state of bank account — than anything else.

  4. My daughter stopped liking Old Navy a couple of years ago. I was disappointed. I missed the good prices and nice fashions. I forgot about their little kids’ clothes. My granddaughter was born in Dec. I can shop there again!

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