Old Navy little boy clothesWhen my two now-20-something-year-old daughters Old Navy women's blouseswere younger, Old Navy was Clothing Central. We could find whatever we needed there for all three of us: School clothes, T-shirts and shorts for summer, jeans, jackets and even work basics for my office. Lately though, I’ve been disappointed. I don’t know if we’ve changed or Old Navy has, but I’ve walked out empty-handed most times I’ve gone in recently — if I even went in. With grandson Capt. Adorable’s arrival almost 13 months ago, however, Old Navy has regained its top spot for family fashion. I bypass everything else and head straight back to the baby-boy corner, where shirts and shorts like these are off the cute-0-meter. And cheap. In size 12-18 months, each of these pieces was about $12. I think Capt. Adorable’s going to be the best-dressed toddler at the playground. And of course, on my way out of the baby-boy section, I just happened to spy these blouses for me. Perfect! They’re lightweight and fitted just like I want button-up blouses to be and they give winter-weary closets some of that cheerful color warm-up we’re all craving right now. At $25 each, they come in literally a rainbow of shades. Hard to choose — I may have to go back for more. Check them out also at

6 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. I’m heading to the States on Saturday first stop Target second stop Old Navy! Nothing beats the basics like Old Navy.

  2. It appears that you have rekindled your ties with Old Navy. I have been on the same thought process as you. They went down; now it’s nice to know they are back up again. Kind of like a roller coaster!

  3. It’s funny, darling son has also stopped finding good things at Old Navy. I really think the quality is less than it used to be.

  4. Sometimes I’ll go in a store and think everything there is a load of #$%* but the next week the same things look wonderful! Probably depends more on my state of mind — and state of bank account — than anything else.

  5. My daughter stopped liking Old Navy a couple of years ago. I was disappointed. I missed the good prices and nice fashions. I forgot about their little kids’ clothes. My granddaughter was born in Dec. I can shop there again!

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