Michelle Obama

US President Barack Obama (L) and his wife Michelle (R)  meet Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (C) during an audience at Buckingham Palace in central London, on April 1, 2009. US President Barack Obama visited Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday while his in London for the G20 summit. Obama and wife Michelle were hosted by the queen for a meeting, the day before the crunch summit on tackling the world economic crisis. AFP PHOTO/John Stillwell/WPA POOL (Photo credit should read JOHN STILLWELL/AFP/Getty ImagesOh, Michelle! Thank you for being such a class act in LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 01:  First lady Michelle Obama arrives in Downing Street on April 1, 2009 in London. Obama is on his first trip to the UK as President and will be attending G20 world leaders' summit dedicated to tackling the global financial crisis.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)representing American women as you accompany your husband to London for the G20 summit meetings. You understand that in your position image is so important and you wore your favorite creative and entrepreneural American fashion designers — Isabel Toledo and Jason Wu — and fresh and springlike sparkles and mint green from classic icon J. Crew. You have been graceful and gracious, respectful and confident, strong and kind. You combine high-style with American frugality and your own sense of playfulness. You embody the best of what we want to be — what we imagine we ourselves could be … if only. You inspire and motivate. We have only one question: Can we go shopping with you?

13 thoughts on “Michelle Obama

  1. Amen! So funny that you post this, ’cause I was just poring over a slideshow of her outfits for this trip today. Do you see that in that outfit she is wearing to meet the Queen, there’s a crinoline peeping out from under her skirt? Genius.

    And that J Crew outfit is cute. In one of the pics of it, you can tell she’s wearing Spanx (or bike shorts of some kind) underneath. She is my soul sister!

  2. And she has great arms. Personally, I think she represents the u.S. better than any first lady since (dare I say it) Jackie O.

  3. And so cute, you just want to hug her. Except … you’re not supposed to. Doh!

  4. I really feel the first lady exudes a modern confidence that young women (in particular) have needed in this country—she’s strong, self-assured and has a sensible yet elegant style.

  5. Sandie, you are so right. And, John Pitts my husband, you know it’s OK to hug the First Lady — it’s the queen of England who’s hands off. However, I wouldn’t try reaching out to Mrs. Obama in a crowd in an attempt to hug her. Just saying.

  6. Oh, sorry, but I must disagree. I think she dresses totally wrong for her body shape. Totally wrong.

    I can overlook the mistake with the Queen. I think she was just overzealous. However, the fault lies in the administration. Every administration has an etiquette/social advisor and that person should have instructed Mrs. Obama on how to act with royalty. If she ‘messes up’ in another country it could be very insulting. For instance, merely crossing her legs and showing the sole of her shoe is incredibly insulting in a lot of countries. So, where are her advisors????

    However, I will end on a positive note. She has a beautiful smile and I think she is a very warm person, which transcends any fashion faux pas.

  7. Maybe she’s finally feeling a chill in the air! I wore a Michelle-inspired outfit to church on Easter: skirt, top and half-buttoned cardigan. I noticed three other women in the same style!!!

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