A Week of Spring — Easter Candy

Easter candyWelcome to day No. 3 in A Week of Spring. I love Easter Easter candycandy! Well, not really the candy part — I’ll take a bar of deep rich dark Green and Black’s over a milky chocolate bunny any time — but the oh-so-cute and whimsical spring-time packaging always makes me smile. And who wouldn’t? Fresh Market has an overflowing abundance of Easter candy this year and I can’t help but picture adorable Easter baskets filled with Easter Candyall sorts of sweets and treats. I think it’s the fascination of boxes and wrappings and what-wonderful-things-could-be-inside that’s so intriguing. And I probably have passed that on to my Easter candydaughters, who are in their 20s but still delight in candy-laden Easter baskets … although they rarely eat it all.  Since they’re vegetarians, we’ve banished Peeps but anything with caramel, fudge, peanut butter or vanilla creamy goodness at least gets a nibble. We’ll see if my 1-year-old grandson carries on the family tradition — I’m betting one bite won’t be enough for him! Come back tomorrow for day No. 4 in A Week of Spring.

14 thoughts on “A Week of Spring — Easter Candy

  1. You banished Peeps….my favorite! Easter candy there is something joyeous about it. Bright colors probably. Germans know chocolate but it ends there…missing yummy easter jelly beans this year.

  2. Me too Cathy. I still make Easter baskets for my adult children. It’s especially hard when they have such pretty displays at Fresh Market. I was there the other day and saw their display and had to get my nieces the white chocolate lambs. They are sooo cute!

  3. Oh, Cheryl, I loved those white-chocolate lambs. Too cute! And Kathy, I know. It breaks my heart to ignore Peeps every Easter, but I have to be true to my vegetarian daughters’ wishes. What we do for our children!

  4. Peeps = marshmallow = gelatin = non-veggie friendly. Peeps are not allowed in our house either though my guys refuse to go vegetarian. Is your daughter raising her son vegetarian?

    When my sons were away at college I put together Easter basket care packages complete with chocolate bunnies, wind up toys and silly putty. They were the hit of the dorm.

  5. Easter is such a special time of year. I love making up Easter baskets for my grandchildren! I actually put in more toys, books, etc. than candy.

  6. Jessica — you crack me up!

    Michele — No, my vegetarian daughter already has given her 1-year-old son some meat, although not much and not everyday — more like jars of chicken and carrots, you know. She’s one of those easygoing vegetarians and never has minded if people eat meat in front of her. Her plan is to feed her child(ren) nutritious food — meat included — and then let them decide when they get old enough if they want to go veggie or not.

  7. Vegetarians can’t eat Peeps? That seems so unfair! I could understand if they were actual baby chickens. Or if they were the “my peeps” kind of peeps, as in made from humans. But that would be pretty gross.

    But no marshmallows, really?

    Wow. No wonder I’m still a carnivore. That vegetarian stuff is hard!

    Love the pictures, by the way. Very festive!

  8. Crabby McSlacker: Yeah, the whole no-marshmallow thing kind of sucks but knowing what marshmallows are made of makes up for it.

    Cathy: it is nice to know that your daughter is not one of those Nazi vegetarians. I raised my boys with options. If they chose to be a vegetarian that’s okay. At the present time they chose to eat very little meat. Basically, 1 or 2 days a week and no red meat.

  9. Thank you, Michele. Your eating plan for your boys sounds wonderful. I predict that’s how my daughter’s children will choose, too. It’s good to have options!

    And Crabby — I know! I was surprised to learn that marshmallows and Jello and other things such as Worcestershire sauce that you would think would be OK for vegetarians really aren’t. Meat is lurking everywhere!

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