First Birthday

Baby gymWork by Jason BehelHappy first birthday, Capt. Adorable! My grandson, Nolan, is 1 today. Everybody told me how much I would love being a grandmother and what a precious gift grandchildren are and I said, “Oh, yes. I know!” but it takes being a grandma to really know and now I can say with all the conviction in the world: Being a grandparent is the best thing ever! We’re partying all weekend, but Nolan already got his best present: A rocking dragon his daddy made him from a rocking-horse pattern. As always, I am overwhelmed by my son-in-law’s talent. He put a “B” on the seatback, handtooled the leather trim and made a lightweight sword to complete the ensemble. Nolan loves it. It was Jason’s first woodworking attempt, and now I’m making up my own want list: coffee table, bench, barstools …

9 thoughts on “First Birthday

  1. Capt. Adorable is a doll face! Keep posting pics. of him, cause they make me smile. That is some craftmanship your son in law is capable of. I don’t blame you for beginning a list of your own. He’s talented. Wishing you alot of fun this weekend celebrating the joys of being a Grandmother!

  2. Happy Birthday Prince Nolan!! He looks like a future dragon slaying prince!

  3. He’s too cute! And the dragon is amazing – let us know when Jason starts taking orders.

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