Thai foodThai food is one of my favorite things to order when Thai foodeating out — I love the spicy-sweet combination of flavors — but I’d never tackled it on my own. Now I’m inspired to try Thai at home after my cooking club recently did a Thai night. Everybody was amazed at how easy it was to recreate our favorite restaurant dishes. Recipes included crab-fried rice, pad thai, shrimp Thai foodsoup, marinated cucumber salad,Thai-style chicken and beef with broccoli. We also had wonderful coconut ice cream served in a hollowed-out pineapple — a super idea that impressed us all. The tablescape was impressive, too, with tealights and floating lotus blossoms on a blue pashmina wrap. How creative was that? As always, I am in awe of my talented and skilled friends. I think they keep me around for comic relief. They even forgave me when I inadvertently admitted to using frozen mango instead of fresh for my Mango Passion Cocktails and mango/lime salsa. “But I did it for you,” I said, trying to convince them I was altruistic and not lazy. “Since I didn’t have to spend time peeling and slicing fresh mangoes, I had enough time left over to make this peanut dip for you, too. And please, have another Mango Passion Cocktail. There’s plenty.”

Note: I got my recipes from, where you are clearly given permission to use frozen.

5 thoughts on “Food

  1. Frozen is perfectly acceptable. I love, love, love Thai food. hmmmm….never tried any of their Thai recipes. Must go now.

  2. Wow that is some spread! You are brave I think Thai food would be very hard to make. Looks delish..great I’m starving now and its leftover night here aka Sandwiches!

  3. Michele, has tons of recipes that at least will give you a good start on whatever you’re looking for. And Kathy, we are not brave at all — we just want to find out what we can’t do! Hope your Sandwich Night was a good one.

  4. Alton Brown did a pad thai show that gave me a headache. Seems much, much easier just to order out.

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