Danielle McCann PhotographyThese photos were taken by a young woman who’s starting her photography Danielle McCann Photographybusiness in Florence, Alabama, and I am so impressed both with her and her talent. Danielle McCann was friends with both my daughters when they were all in high school together — she and my older daughter were in the same class and she and my younger daughter shared the same goofy sense of humor. Since then, Danielle has started her professional photography business, gotten married and had a baby daughter who’s about the same age as my older daughter’s son. In fact, the two mommies have decided on an eventual arranged marriage between the kids and prepared the two families to become in-laws. Danielle snapped these shots when the babies had a play date together recently. Even though they’re just casual shots she didn’t set up, her talent and creativity show through. I’m so proud of these young people who have drive and determination and ambition, mixed with strong doses of integrity and optimism. When I look at my daughters and their friends and the stability and values they believe in, I know the future’s in good hands. Go to Danielle’s blog at

9 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Yay Cathy!!! 😀 I love seeing my baby’s face plastered all over the internet. Okay, maybe not ALL over the internet… but in your blog is nice. 🙂

  2. My first thought when I saw the photo on the left: “Party On, Dudes!” Great shot, I cannot imagine the patience and effort required to set up that shot.

    PS Cathy, do you know I always have French Roast coffee with Cathy!! Hugs!!

  3. Oh DUH!! Just realized it is of 2 children looking in a mirror! I still stand by my first comment anyway 🙂

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