Babies and Cell Phones

Motorola MOTO™ W755 in purpleI’m apparently one of those grandmothers who will give their grandchildren anything they Danielle McCann Photographywant. I was not this way with my two daughters — as they’ll happily tell you — but something’s happened in the intervening 20 years or so and I’ve been reduced to a “Whatever you want, sweetiepie” maternal spoiling-machine. But my grandson’s so cute! He’s adorable! How could I resist those sparkling blue eyes, that precious little curl of soft wispy hair at the back of his head and those darling pudgy little fingers? So when it turned out that one of his favorite things was my cell phone, I turned it over to him without a thought. He loved the beeps and chirps. He was delighted with the lights and the colors. It was our thing: He wanted it, so I gave it to him. Other, wiser people were cautious, however. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” my daughter — his mommy — asked me. “Are you sure you want to do that?” Of course, I assured her. I’m a cool grandma. It’s fine. Until, that is, it wasn’t. Turns out baby slobber has supersonic powers to short out cell-phone speakers. Who knew? Now you do. Read more about it in my column,

5 thoughts on “Babies and Cell Phones

  1. Babies + cell phones = NO! I barely let my husband touch my iPhone!! One day this week at work we were having pizza in our conference room and I had a Pepsi 0 with my slice. I was waiting for my sister to call and inadvertently my arm tipped over the Pepsi 0 can and HORRORS!! I quickly and IN TIME got the iPhone out of the way of the onrushing gush of Pepsi! Whew! Close call!!!

  2. Just as a side note, cell phones generally don’t like being tossed to the bottom of the good ol’ Tennessee River either.

  3. Your grandson is adorable! No wonder you spoil him! I’m so NOT a spoiler with my own kids, but I often wonder how I will be with my grandchildren… Thanks for the warning! 😉

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