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Michelle ObamaI think it’s sort of quaint and refreshing that some people are worried about Michelle ObamaMichelle Obama showing her — gasp! — bare arms. I mean, this is 2009, when celebrities walk around in not much at all and steamy makeout sessions light up primetime TV. I had thought that half-naked-and-falling-out-of-your-clothes was the accepted standard for high-profile dressing, but apparently the bar is much higher. It renews my faith in the morality police that folks are raising eyebrows and shaking heads and tsk-tsking Obama for … being a grownup and choosing to wear what she wants to wear. I know, I know — the criticism is that sleeveless is completely inappropriate for Washington, D.C. winters so that perhaps she’s simply going sleeveless to show off her beautifully fit physique. And to that I say, “Yes? So what’s the problem? Good for her!” Listen, who among us would cover up if we had arms like that? Not me, that’s for sure. I think the real question is why this issue bothers some people. Seems to me that Michelle Obama is bringing dignity and respect and vitality and strength to her position as First Lady — and probably an increase in the sales of handweights, exercise DVDs and gym memberships across the country. Economic stimulus, baby!!!

For a great roundup of links and articles about Obama’s arms, go to the blogher.com post http://www.blogher.com/michelle-obama-and-positive-influence-arm-lust

17 thoughts on “Michelle Obama

  1. Honestly, it’s shocking ((oh!)) to me to see her bare arms. Why? Because it’s 20 degrees out there (which is VERY unusual for this part of the country!) – I’m not used to it being so bitter cold. But then I remember that she’s from Chicago and 20 is a heat wave for her. Also, keep in mind that she doesn’t have to brave the elements. Her car picks her up at the main door of the WHite House and drops her off at the door of wherever she’s goin’!

    Keep in mind that if Cindy McCain had been first lady that since she’s from Arizona she’d be wearing 3 turtle necks and a fur parka with thick socks and boots.

    And last, but not least, I am glad that people still have some sense of propriety – we can let Madonna and Britney traipse around however they want. But we still want our First Lady to be just that – a lady.

    Do I think the sleeveless look is inappropriate? No. It just makes me cold, that’s all.

  2. PS fashion wise, what if our Gov. Palin was in DC with her extended family bundled up in bunny boots, parkas and Arctic Cat snowsuits….

  3. Thanks so much for adding to the discussion, y’all. Love it! And I love the idea of Palin taking bunny boots and Artic Cat snowsuits to D.C.!!! That sure would get the Fashion Police talking. Thanks for the mental image, Ina!

  4. Seriously, who cares? The woman is smart and well spoken and just so happens, is fit. The fashion police need to get a life. We have bigger fish to fry with this economy and fighting two wars to worry about Michelle Obama’s sleeveless dresses.

  5. kathie, lol to your comments and I’m thinking about Mrs Obama in a room full of politicians – all that hot air in there must push the temp up into the 90s!
    She has great arms and if she likes sleevelss dresses, show what you got! Personally, I think it is refreshing to have color and style back in the White House. I can’t remember a more fashionable First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.

  6. She may not have anything up her sleeves, but I wonder about the rest of Team Obama …

  7. I thought that whole kerfuffle was so funny! I think, she’s a grown-up lady who seems to have an impeccable sense of decorum, AND she looks amazing, so go girl!

  8. Thank you, dear husband, for exercising some comment restraint while you waded in here with a bunch of Obama-friendly women. Nicely done.

  9. Now don’t get carried away, Cath!! I just said Mrs. O’s arms weren’t inappropriate. I’m just trying to stay away from politic comments. Furthermore, if the Palin family did show up in their bunny boots I’d think that was cute, too. Actually, I’m sure anything Todd Palin wore would look good!!!! Ha!!!

  10. I think she looks totally appropriate and elegant. All I have to say to the Fashion Police is “get over it”

  11. Hah, as an Alaskan under the governance of Mrs. Palin, DC would be agog in a different way with her baby mama daughter, high school dropout baby daddy and his meth lab mama!!! It would be more fun than a barrel of Clintons!!!

    But Todd Palin is HOT!!!!!

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