Snow and Paul Harvey

SnowBreaking news! It’s snowing in Alabama!!! We don’t get winter very Snowoften around here, but the weather folks were right this time. It’s a soft and lazy couple inches right now but supposed to get worse as temps stay below freezing and the snow continues all morning. I took these photos on our back deck looking into the backyard where earlier this week we were sitting out on the deck enjoying a glass of wine and some wonderfully Snowwarm temperatures. Now we’ve got a “major winter storm.” I know, I know — for all y’all used to blizzards and snow drifts and  shoveling your car out of the driveway these are Snowpictures of spring-like weather, but believe me this is big-time Southern winter. And we love it! Makes me want to hunker down, bring in more firewood or, really, turn the logs on and make another pot of coffee. It does not make me want to find some snow boots and mittens and a scarf and a jacket and go out tramping around. I love snow. It’s beautiful and wonderful — and best viewed through a window. Which is why my part in ski vacations is to stay warm and dry at the bottom of the slopes and nod and applaud enthusiastically as family members shoosh on by: “Good job! Nice run! Way to go!” I’m really good at that.

If you’re stuck inside today, be sure to read about Paul Harvey, who died on Saturday. Back in the early 1980s when I was a newbie newspaper reporter, I was thrilled — absolutely thrilled — when Paul Harvey read on air a story of mine AP had picked up on this new phenomenon of Elvis Presley impersonators. I focused on a young boy — I think he was 6 or 7 — who was making a local name for himself by donning a white sparkling jumpsuit and belting out “You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog.” Thank you for that, Mr. Harvey. You never knew what you meant to a young journalist in east Tennessee. Read more about this influential man at

12 thoughts on “Snow and Paul Harvey

  1. Congratulations that such a great man like Paul Harvey read your article, when you were just a “tot” in the publishing world. That is something that will stay with you for all your lifetime. What an honor!

  2. We had 7 inches of snowfall yesterday in Anchorage, Alaska and the roads were just horrible! In fact my husband was rear ended by another motorist who could not stop in the icy road, but the only damage was to his tail light…..and I can still hear Paul Harvey’s distinctive voice in my mind….This is Paul Harvey—Good Day!!! The end of an era for sure!

  3. Wow, that’s neat about your story. He really was an institution.

    And we had snow here today to, but it didn’t stick like yours. Wow!

  4. Well, our snowy day didn’t even last until noon, but it was pretty while it lasted. Ina, I’m so sorry that you’ve had bad weather and your husband got rear-ended. Not fun. And Kathy, thanks for the kind words. I did feel very honored that Paul Harvey did one of my stories — and still do. I mean, in the world of real journalism I guess that’s not such a big deal, but I was sure impressed!

  5. I have a “Paul Harvey” store, too. I was in my late 20’s and working on-air at a radio station near Kansas City. I found out it was Mr. Harvey’s birthday, so me and another d.j. called ABC and asked to speak to him. We were flabbergasted when the receptionist put us through to him. We then proceeded to sing “Happy Birthday” to him. He laughed and thanked us. Such a special memory of a great America icon.

  6. I absolutely adored Paul Harvey- as did my father. I remember the days that we would listen to him together- and it warms my heart.

    May you rest in peace, Paul. May you rest in peace.

  7. He was such an amazing man! He will be sorely missed, that’s for certain. And what a truly wonderful memory you have with his choosing one of your stories to read – that’s quite an accomplishment!

  8. What a great story.

    I remember sitting at the kitchen table in North Dakota as a little girl & listening to Paul Harvey on the old radio.

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