Bedroom furnitureWhenever we’re someplace where there’s a furniture store and we’ve got a few minutes to kill — which happens maybe every other year or so — my husband and I go in and wander around and  pick out things we both like for when we (hope to) get a new house together and start from scratch. Right now we’re in the house I bought with my ex-husband years ago and raised my two daughters in as a single mom. It has a definite girly vibe with ex leftovers. My Sofehusband is a good sport and says he doesn’t mind for now but it’ll be good to have our own house together with our own things together. So on a recent weekend visit to Nashville, Tennessee, we did some furniture “shopping” and as always, I was surprised by some of my husband’s picks. For instance, I would have thought he’d dismiss this bedding set as too shiny, but he liked the sophisticated sleekness of it, I think. Sort of upscale hotel meets big-city loft — or at least what my small-Alabama-town imagination thinks that marriage would look like! He also approved of this white sofa with the blue and black pillows. Again, he said he was drawn by the simple yet substantial lines and peacefully quiet colors. Of course, my maternal inner housewife thinks, “White? Are you kidding?” And I’m thinking of myself here, since I can’t eat or drink anything without making a mess. I guess I’d have to sit on the floor. Or switch to white wine.

9 thoughts on “Furniture

  1. Isn’t it fun to still find the wonderful little treasures in our love ones? OK I know my vote doesn’t count, but I like the furniture too! xoxo
    Have a golden weekend!

  2. My husband, Ron, and I used to go “house hunting” during the early years of our marriage when we had 5 kids under foot. We would get in the car and go to areas where new houses were under construction or having Open Houses….walk thru and dream about “starting over”…. well, 22 years later we are still in the same house and are doing fix ups…….and the kids are gone…..but the years flew by so quickly…. xo

  3. Joyce — you are so right. And Ina — I love your “house hunting” story. That’s probably how my husband and I will end up, too. But it’s fun to dream!

  4. I like the blue and black combo–kind of unexpected. Just get the couch and switch to white wine. And get one of those Tide pens–they’re amazing.

  5. I think the black is abit too masculine, but I like that white sofa. I would just be worried about every little everything, so I don’t think I’d enjoy it. I’d probably have a white wine in one hand and a bottle of fabric stainer remover in another. Not too much fun! But it’s nice to dream. I love to furniture browse.

  6. First things first: your husband has great taste (he picked you). Second: You really need to get your own place together. My mom tells her husband that she doesn’t mind all the late wife’s stuff but it really does. Third: switch to white? I don’t think so. It isn’t nearly as good for you. That’s my story anyway.

    Hey I’ll be moving a bit closer to your area in April. Just got offered a new job in Houston (just don’t say anything on my blog just yet please. The boss doesn’t know.)

  7. The color on the bedding doesn’t show up quite as good in the photo as I recall it, but that’s been a while back.

    I joked about the white couch, too. I like the style of it more than the color, but that style seems to beg for a lighter material.

    I bet the cats would like it … to claw to shreds.

  8. Thanks, all for your input. And I love Tide pens! I could keep one tucked under the cushions, ready for action. And Michele, congrats on your job offer! That is wonderful news. Keep us updated.

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