Food and More

Mexican foodI don’t care what you say — I think this is a balanced meal. Look, Mexican foodyou’ve got your dairy (cheese dip) and your grains (tortilla chips). Hot peppers are full of nutritional stuff, and didn’t I read somewhere that beer is pretty much almost nearly just as good for you as red wine? And of course, you can never have too much salsa. This is an example of the weekly date night my husband and I cling to no matter what else is going on. But not just any Mexican restaurant will do. We head to a specific one that we’ve gone to for years. In fact, the waiters don’t even ask us what we want anymore — they’ve practically got it on the table as soon as we sit down.  My husband pours the beers and squeezes the limes and always makes sure I get the coldest mug as we munch chips and dip. Sometimes we order actual food. Sometimes not. But we always have a good time.

Random thought  — Welcome back, Tiger Woods. Hope your knee is better.

Blog recommendation — For a different take on Lent, visit today’s post at A Day That Is Dessert , Lecia passes on a wonderful Lent idea from her pastor. Don’t miss it.

12 thoughts on “Food and More

  1. We do something like this but at home every Friday. Our meals consists of nachos, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and cosmopolitans. All the food groups are featured. And, beer is not just for breakfast anymore!

  2. One of my all time favorite dates with my husband is to share the huge nacho plate at Southside Bistro in Anchorage Alaska. Loaded with sliced fresh jalapenos…

  3. What fun it would be to have a Friday date night w/Hubby, and enjoy cold beer and good Mexican food? Does it get any better than that? I don’t think so.

  4. That’s me in the background, pouring the beer.

    Sometimes, when a week at work is going badly, I really start clinging to the fact that Sunday afternoon will arrive and we can escape for a while to the land of beer and salsa. But it would never be the same without the fine company of my wife.

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