Consignment Store

Name that store! Here is your chance to have a hand in a new business opening up in Sheffield, Alabama — and your chance to help a friend of mine. My talented and creative friend Susan and her talented and creative daughter-in-law, Freda, are opening a furniture and home-decor consignment shop. They can’t decide on a name for it and need y’all’s thoughts. Here are the two choices they’re considering: Repeat Street and Upscale Resale. They like them both equally and so are sort of stuck in the middle. Or maybe you’ve got something better. They’re open to all suggestions. What do you think? They want as many ideas as they can get so please poll your friends and pass this along so they can get lots of input. Vote here in the comments or e-mail me at by Wednesday night– and then, of course, you’ve got to plan a trip to Sheffield to see their shop. Knowing them, it will be fabulous.

Update: Looks as if Upscale Resale is winning. Thanks to all for your help! Susan and Freda don’t need to make a decision until Wednesday night, so there’s still time to chime in if you’d like.

Update No. 2: Upscale Resale it is! I think cyber-voting is the way to go now when it comes to naming new businesses. Anybody else got something that needs naming???

15 thoughts on “Consignment Store

  1. That’s a cute name, but I wonder in these uncertain economic times if anyone would be put off by the “upscale” part of the name. I guess it depends on the clientele being targeted.

  2. Thanks, Rhoda. You and Susan should meet because you both have such a flair for decorating — and finding bargains! And dear husband, that is an excellent point. I don’t think we’d thought of that.

  3. I like Upscale Resale, but I do understand how the word “Upscale” can deter a potential customer from walking through the door during these bad times. We have a store in the next town called “Second Time Around” and it seems to be a good business venture for the owner.
    Good Luck with whatever name they choose. I love wandering around those type of store. At Christmas, I picked up a beautiful tablecloth.

  4. Freda and I thank you all so much for your feedback! And Cathy thank you for handling the informal poll. I do believe Upscale Resale is the winner. And yes we do plan to open in mid March. Come see us!

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