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After my husband and I got married five years ago at the ripe old ages of 46, he just sort of moved his toothbrush and sock drawer into the house where I’d lived for a decade as a single mom raising two daughters. As a couple, he and I never have created a household together from scratch and I’m constantly trying to figure out what his “style” is before we do that. We’re probably distinct opposites — on everything. For instance, he’s a newspaper sports editor who watches “CSI,” listens to Rush Limbaugh and says his favorite movie is “Roadhouse.” I’m a freelance writer who watches “Survivor,” listens to NPR and adores the original “Sabrina,” although we both like “Good Eats,” REM and “Raising Arizona.” Hmmm. You see my dilemma. I can’t figure out how all that translates to one unifying home decor.  But I keep trying. On a recent meander through a furniture store, I asked him which — if either — of these two candle fixtures he liked better. Naturally, it wasn’t the one I liked. However, there is hope because we both said the one we didn’t pick wasn’t all that bad. Maybe after five years of marriage, we’re becoming more alike than different. Crazy!!! But in a good way.

13 thoughts on “Interior Decorating

  1. Hey, I like the original “Sabrina” too, I just wish Bogie and Audrey Hepburn drove off at the end in a big ol’ monster truck. That would have been perfect.

  2. Well, 5 years is just a start, Cathy! As you grow together you will find a more cohesive decor scheme…when Ron and I got married in 1987, I moved into his house and inherited his 5 kids and Sheltie puppy. Did not change a thing until 1996 when we completely redid the kitchen, then last winter I redid the entire downstairs….. before that I had the outside front of the house re-landscaped…..don’t sweat the small stuff. PS I like both of the fixtures…. xo

  3. When JR and I got married 26 years ago we could afford to have a style. Then JR took the position that what I wanted was good. Everytime, I asked him if he like this color or that his stock answer was, “I don’t care.” Only to find our that he did care after I painted the whole room

  4. I would take him out on stores more often and show him pics. from magazines. If he asks why all of a sudden you are doing this, you can tell him you want to integrate your styles. Good Luck and happy decorating!

  5. Wrong question – tell him you want to buy a candle widget, show him the two widgets and THEN ask him if he cares which one you get.
    Sometimes they have an opinion, sometimes, they will answer your query but really don’t care.
    BTW, I like the one on the right with the colored inserts.

  6. LOL…ah yes. While my husband and I were younger when we got married, we had still been on our own for a while. My style included floral patterns and throw pillows. His was functionality and minimalist. Put the two together and it was a bit of a struggle. But now we’ve merged our tastes, gave a little, took a little and settled…Marriage of style, ain’t it grand?

  7. Thanks for the all the great suggestions, y’all. Much appreciated! My dear husband mostly doesn’t care except for on some things, and I just want to make sure I’ve got a clear idea what those things are.

  8. Maybe he isn’t a decor type of guy. Some men simple leave those choices to there spouse. Have you asked him if he has a certain style of decor he prefers?

  9. I, indeed, preferred the one on the right.

    The one on the left looked like the cover for a light on the exterior of a submarine. Or something like that.

  10. Color is interior design’s hardest-working tool.It’s the one element that can alter our mood, influence the way we see space, camouflage imperfections, give us an instant taste of drama or serenity. Paint is the easiest, most effective, and most inexpensive way of achieving those effects — the quickest, most powerful way to transform any room.

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