jims-quilt-007There were just two of us for Sunday school so we didn’t have class jims-quilt-003at my little church this past Sunday, but I learned a lesson anyway: (K)not all sermons come from the pulpit. When I got to church on Sunday morning and it became apparent only one other of the usual five or six women in our class was going to show, I contemplated going home for more coffee and Sunday New York Times. But before I could head for the door, our minister asked the two of us (our church is small so there’s no place to hide!) to finish a prayer quilt from the women’s group. The quilt is for a church member who’s fighting cancer, and our minister wanted to bless it at the service and deliver it that afternoon. My brain said, “But I have no crafting skill whatsoever and besides, I want Sunday Styles and another cappuccino,” but my mouth said, “Sure! Of course! Love to!” That happens a lot at church. But I was so glad — this time, at least — that my mouth paid no attention to my brain. Turned out all the quilt needed was tying some knots, and I’m very good at tangling things up. Our church women’s group makes these prayer quilts for people who are sick and in need — when you tie one of knots you say a prayer for the intended recipient, who then gets to wrap up in cozy warmth and love. As we tied and talked, I suddenly sort of time-traveled back to old-fashioned quilting bees, where women gathered to care for each other through fabric and friendship, and I finally understood the timeless power of needle and thread. To make it even better, this quilt was for the husband of a friend of mine. I sat beside her during the church service. When our pastor blessed the quilt and announced it was for her husband, I got to hand her a tissue and give her a hug. Definitely worth the loss of a second cappuccino.

13 thoughts on “Quilts

  1. What a beautiful story. I am so glad you were able to be a part of it.

    My sister makes prayer shawls. While knitting these shawls she prays for the recipient.

    I wish I had those skills…

    Found you over at SITS. Will be back again!

  2. What a beautiful post – glad you went to church. Sunday Styles will always be there when you get home (PS I love it too—it is the first section I read in the Sunday NYT)….. Everything happens for a reason. I love the camaraderie and support of the sisterhood!!

  3. “I’m very good at tangling things up” That’s AWESOME. Great lesson in being spontaneous, and willing to veer from your plans.

    AMAZING veggie centerpieces!

  4. Cathy wow that is an amazing story! Everyone can tie and knot and have wonderful conversation and say a prayer and how wonderful it turns out going to a dear friend! Pretty Great day ! Cappuccino can happen anyday!

  5. I think there is a “timeless power” when women bond together for whatever the reason. I think that comes through the history of time when we were Gatherers

    You must feel so exceptionally good that you helped comfort someone, who truly needs it.

  6. This is a really beautiful story! Your church sounds like a vibrant community, taking care of those in need like that.

  7. Lecia — Thank you so much. This church is indeed as you described, and that’s what keeps me going to it, even though on Sunday mornings that coffee pot sure calls out!

  8. Beautiful post…and a beautiful lesson for us all to do our part. That quilt is lovely! Oh, and I have positively no sewing talent whatsoever, so tying up those knots would have been all I could do as well!!! lol

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