Family Fun

nolan-jan-2009-021I love these photos of three of the most important people in my life: nolan-jan-2009-0201Older Daughter holding her hands out to her son, Capt. Adorable, who is curious but cautious and unsure but trusting on his first trip down a playground slide, with Younger Daughter in the back being supportive and encouraging. And Grandma — me — is there snapping pictures, as usual. This answers the age-old question, of course, of how many people does it take to get a 9-month-old baby down a slide. I’m sure this same adoring fan club will follow Capt. Adorable around as long as he’ll let us. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want his mom, his grandma and his aunt to applaud and record and document every proud moment???

8 thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. Kathy — I appreciate the kind words, and you are so right about baby bald heads. The funny thing is that he and his daddy both are “bald,” although Capt. Adorable is starting to get enough hair so that you can actually brush it — almost, at least!

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