Stomach Bug

Hello, stomach bug. How are you? What’s that? You want to come stay at our house for awhile? Sure! C’mon! I’ve heard tales that you’re a dangerous guest, that you take advantage of any little opportunity to wreak havoc and that you plan some nasty surprises, but I’m not scared. I’m pretty tough, in fact. I’ve been sick before. I’ve had stomach bugs before. No big deal. I can handle it. Come on in. Sit down. Make yourself at home. I’ll be fine. Really. Everybody else who complained about you just didn’t now how to deal with you. I do. Uh, I mean, uh-oh, hmm, I feel a little bit like  … uh, could you excuse me for moment? I think I need to run to the …


10 thoughts on “Stomach Bug

  1. “Thank goodness my husband doesn’t listen to me.”

    My new favorite sentence.

  2. Thanks, y’all, for the kind words. Much appreciated. I drank coffee and beer today, kissed my grandbaby (Capt. Adorable) and went out to eat all for the first time in three days. Yippee!!! Now if people would just stop saying, “Wow, you look awful” when they see me.

  3. I somehow doubt anyone has said that. If anything, they’ve probably been noting that you looked a little pale and then asked how you were feeling. Just a wild guess, though.

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