New Year Countdown

christmas-2008-part-2-0642On the second day of Cathy’s New Year Countdown, it’s time to do your part for the economy: Get out there and spend your Christmas money. On yourself. Look, you were good all December. You got everybody everything on their lists and you did it within your budget while ignoring all temptation to treat yourself. You resisted the pull of those luxurious cashmere sweaters that felt so good, those fabulous high-heeled pumps that called out your name, that gorgeous jacket you accidentally tried on. But your job as a giver is done now! It’s over. You did good and everybody’s happy. Time to reward yourself. And, listen, all this talk about sales and bargains and slashed prices are true right now. Go shopping this weekend and I promise you can get about three times the value for your money. Really. I promise. If you don’t believe me, check out Web sites such as and and see for yourself. Actually, Gap’s Web site is one of the best for online shopping. You can bundle orders from Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic for one $7-shipping fee; you can return (most) items to the stores; and right now, with up to 80 percent off on online purchases, Gap and friends are practically giving their things away. Do not miss out. And check back tomorrow for Day No. 3 in Cathy’s New Year Countdown. (I know I was calling this the 12 Days of Christmas Countdown Part 2, but I’m ready to move on.)

6 thoughts on “New Year Countdown

  1. That sounds AWESOME! I am going to go online tomorrow to Gap.
    I have a HUGE celebration tonight at the in-laws. Someone fix me a drink.

  2. Oh, Susan — I’m so glad you like my little photo. That was taken on Christmas Day sitting in the sun porch at the Behel’s house. The view is from the side of their house, looking through the big windows, across the pond and out to the old Behel house. It’s one of the most peaceful and serene places I know. Thank you so much for the kind words.

  3. I’m telling you — you’ve got to get out there and go shopping. It’s for America! But please don’t slip on any more ice, Michele. Are you feeling better today?

  4. Shocking, positively SHOCKING, I tell you, that my wife thinks spending is the answer. She’s probably right, of course.

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