New Year Countdown

nolan1All I can say is, wow — having Captain Adorable around for Christmas made it the best holiday ever! Our 9-month-old grandson considered the Dec. 25 festivities further proof that the world is full of fascinating things to touch, squeeze, throw, pinch and put in his mouth. My family had a wonderful Christmas and I hope yours did the same. In fact, it’s still a party around here — well, not right now since I’m the only one up at 5 a.m. and everyone else is sleeping it off. But still. We like to keep the good times going, unlike a former sister-in-law who literally — and I mean absolutely quite literally — began dismantling the tree as soon as the last wrappings were christmas-2008-part-2-0641torn off and everyone was sitting around in a post-present daze. “Can you reach that string of lights?” she’d ask before we’d even had time for that third cup of Christmas morning coffee. Sheesh. I’m not that eager to get back to normal. So let’s keep things rolling with Cathy’s New Year Countdown as we count down the original 12 Days of Christmas to Tweflth Night, or Jan. 6. That seems like a better tradition than packing things up as soon as the stockings are unhung. For Christmas countdown Part 2, I’ll continue holiday-ing with tips, ideas, suggestions and all things festive. Ready? For Day No. 1, here’s my ode to Dec. 26 (after all, why should Dec. 25 have all the fun?):

‘Twas the morning after Christmas

and all through the land,

everyone was still sleeping

except for the band

of bargain-hunting shoppers

determined to find

discounts and sales

that will give them a hand

with next Christmas’s parties

and presents and such

so they can save lots of money

and tell husbands they hadn’t spent much.


Read the rest at my column in today’s TimesDaily, at And check back for Day No. 2 in Cathy’s New Year Countdown.


7 thoughts on “New Year Countdown

  1. Oh, thanks, y’all. I got to spend all day with him today, too — priceless! Hope your holidays are going well and you’re getting to enjoy good family time.

  2. See, I read about having “Captain Adorable” around for Christmas and I’m thinking to myself that you really enjoyed having me around the house for the holiday.

    No, it’s the grandbaby. Hmpf.

    He sure is cute, though.

  3. Wow. Let’s not use that nickname outside this arena. Thanks. Love you!

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