summer-2007-pets-and-tn-ren-faire-0231Our sweet Black Lab mix, Abby, died this past spring, and we’ve finally gotten used to not seeing her every morning at our back door, so eager for some people love. But here’s the thing: Right now here in Alabama we’re going through the first freezing cold snap since she died, and one of the first things both my husband and I have thought of as temperatures plummeted has been, “We’ve got to remember to put Abby in the basement tonight.” It’s like our brains have not yet unhooked the thought process that links “freezing temperatures” to “bring Abby in.”

We miss you, Abby-licious. Hope you’re having fun running around doggy heaven.

5 thoughts on “Pets

  1. I know the feeling. I lost my best friend, “Ellen Bea the beagle”, of 13 years in August. I still catch myself expecting her to bark and wake all of us in the mornings sometimes. She was our doggie alarm clock, lol.

    I truly believe they are all waiting at the Rainbow bridge for us. Thank goodness we have memories to help us through until we see them again.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your memories, and I’m so sorry, too, for y’all’s losses. I love the idea of a Rainbow bridge — now, that’s something to look forward to!

  3. Yep, there’s a good girl.

    I like cats and all – good thing, as we have 4 (or, perhaps more) of them, but I miss the dog.

    Whatever the circumstances, she was always happy to see us. It was hard not to be a little happier being around her.

    Miss you.

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