Christmas Decorating

decor-and-ginnas-007Our friends Ginna and Charlie in Tupelo, Mississippi, have the loveliest house decor-and-ginnas-004and it practically glows at Christmastime.  Their festive holiday mantle makes me happy just looking at it, although Ginna disavows any credit and says a decorating friend of hers put it together. But Ginna’s the one who bought the raw ingredients, so I think she deserves all kudos. We stopped by to see Ginna and Charlie this past Sunday afternoon in our search for dry martinis and good company. Ginna was finishing one last bunch of holiday goodies and congratulating herself on having the tree up, the presents bought, the presents wrapped and even the stocking stuffers successfully hidden away — unusual for her, she said. Of course, Charlie had done his part by spending all afternoon raking and bagging leaves.  Let’s see, they had been busy and productive and had their Christmas to-do list all checked off, while my husband and had been driving around talking about all the things we had to do and bumming drinks off of people. Hmm …

Ginna’s tree — her kids made her put their old handmade ornaments in the back — and her beautifully wrapped presents.


Charlie’s afternoon work — an immaculate yard.

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