Demos’ Coming to Alabama

steakandspegDemos’ alert! The Florence, Alabama, location will open at 11 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 29. This middle Tennessee  family-owned and -operated restaurant is a favorite of almost everybody who eats there — the other four Demos’ are in Mufreesboro, Nashville, Hendersonville and Lebanon. The Florence one is behind Books-a-Million, and I ducked in there the other day to check it out. It was bustling, with training going on in the kitchen and folks busy in the front putting away napkins, organizing menus and generally getting ready.  If what I saw and heard is any indication — an attentive bunch in the kitchen listened gravely as they were instructed to “Hold the plates this way. Not this way. Not this way. But this way” and a sign above the pass-through read “There is only one boss here: The customer.” — the legendary Demos’ commitment to service and value is alive and well.

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