Christmas Parties

249852310113_0_albI’ll admit that I usually spend December evenings curled up on thenew-kiss2 couch watching Bing Crosby movies in my pajamas and eating the best part of Chex Mix — the burned crunchy bits at the bottom of the pan, but the invitation to a Christmas party in Huntsville, Alabama, for this past Saturday night said dress to impress. Marlene, the hostess, wanted a glam cocktail party, so my husband and I tried our best. How do you think we did? My husband always looks so spiffy in a suit. For the party, he went with classic all black and since he couldn’t find his Christmas tie, he substituted his Beatles one for a festive touch. My dress was a two-year-old (three? four?)788272310113_0_alb black halter from the sadly now-defunct Parisian’s, with the added feature of not being tight or binding in any way — my only prerequisite for party clothes. All I can say is, new-marlene“Damn. We look good!” Marlene kept the festivities to proper cocktail hours so we could go out to eat or whatever afterwards, but before we did that, John and I stopped by my daughter and son-in-law’s apartment for a quick snuggle with almost 9-months-old grandson. Good company, good food and good baby time to top it off. Could it get any better?

11 thoughts on “Christmas Parties

  1. You both look great and the cocktail party looked like it was fun. We are planning an informal open house at our home on Christmas Eve. Casual….. martinis, appetizers, 6-9. Wish me luck!

  2. Ina, your Christmas Eve gathering sounds like so much fun. Are you all going to get drunk and go outside and build another Snowzilla? I think that should be your party entertainment!

  3. Hey, I really do clean pretty well.

    I have to, when I’m going out with her.

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