Holiday Parties

christmas-at-debbies-003Is it just me, or does it seem as if we’ve passed through some sort of christmas-at-debbies-006time-jumping holiday black hole? Just the other day it was fall and Thanksgiving and everybody was in an autumn-like mellow sort of mood and today suddenly it’s winter and Christmas and everybody is in panic oh-my-gosh-there’s-so-much-to-do mode. And by “everybody” I mean me, I guess. Deep breaths, deep breaths, in, out, in …. At least I got to start the holiday season with a calm and peaceful weekend as we four former college roommates gathered at my friend Debbie’s house in christmas-at-debbies-0041Nashville, Tenn. Debbie is one of those talented women who can create something so stylish and creative from bargain items she finds at the discount store. She’s amazing. I love the red oversized coffee cup she bought for christmas-at-debbies-012practically pennies a few years ago — now you see them everywhere and not for pennies, either. Her mantle decor was simple and elegant and made me itch to clean the clutter off mine and do the same. That’s one of the best things about good long-time friends: They don’t mind if you steal their ideas. And of course we had food: cookies and casseroles and cheesecake and Chex mix (slightly burned and crunchy, just the way I like it).  Our cooking has matured — a bit — since when we four were at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tenn., and party food meant Ruffles potato chips with French onion dip. Good times, good times. But I think we four have held up pretty well since then.

7 thoughts on “Holiday Parties

  1. Cathy, you and your friends have held up quite well indeed! I love all of Debbie’s ideas – especially the bargain finds – sounds like my kind of woman!

  2. Oh, thanks for the kind words, Susan. At least Debbie’s daughter was far enough away when she took this photo that our various bumps, lumps and wrinkles sort of disappear!

  3. Ruffles and French onion dip are still in style, right? Glad to hear y’all had a good time.

  4. I continue to think it’s remarkable that the four of you have kept in such close touch through the years. Quite a gift.

  5. Oh, Ginny — Ruffles and French onion dip never go out of style! And you are so right, dear husband: We four are so lucky to still be such good friends. That is a rare gift indeed.

  6. What a sweet picture to cherish. I think that is a real accomplishment to for you all to stay in touch this long. It says alot about your friendship.

  7. Thanks, Cheryl. I so appreciate that. But “new” friends are good ones, too — if 12 years or so counts as “new!”

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