Iron Bowl

iron-bowlToday is Iron Bowl Eve in Alabama. You have to choose sides — no more-iron-bowlexcuses. And even though today also is the first official day of Christmas shopping and we women throughout the state are eager to start wearing the snowpeople sweaters and angel earrings and candy cane-embroidered pants we put away this past January, we have to wait three days more. Today and tomorrow are for wearing crimson and white or orange and blue, and then Sunday (and perhaps Monday if you want to rub it in for co-workers) is the day for the winners to wear their colors proudly and triumphantly and the losers to look ahead to 2009. Read more about it at

Like many Alabama families. we’re a house divided. I try to remain neutral, unbiased and completely objective. Sort of. Younger daughter Carolyn is rabidly anti-Alabama. It stems, she explained this morning, from when we moved here to Alabama from Tennessee. She started third grade here and on her first day, everybody in her class demanded to know whether she went for Alabama or Auburn. The Alabama kids seemed especially intensely scary, she says, so she chose Auburn as the safer option and has never wavered. Older daughter Liz with her husband Jason and eight-month-old Nolan are blissfully unaware that this is a major football weekend. Husband John Pitts is totally focused on the Ole Miss/Mississippi State rivalry that culminates in the Egg Bowl, which is a big story, too, at least to those folks who live in Mississippi and we who claim honorary Mississippi citizenship.

2 thoughts on “Iron Bowl

  1. The Egg Bowl jumped the fence over state lines after the Mississippi State head coach quit on the day after.

    It was a pretty good national story, too.

    And a busy, busy day for your lovin’ husband.

  2. You are so right, sweetie. I meant no disrespect at all to the Egg Bowl. I only was noting that on this weekend in Alabama, most energy is focused on the Bowl of Iron and not Eggs.

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