Street Talk

I do not understand this street sign, which is in a neighborhood I pass through about a dozen times a day. My husband says it’s very simple: The sign is at a crosswalk at an intersection and it’s telling drivers to yield to pedestrians as they walk across the street on the crosswalk. Then why, I wonder, doesn’t the sign just say “Yield to Pedestrians” like every other “yield to pedestrian” sign does? Are yellow triangles not good enough anymore? Are the street-sign makers afraid we drivers don’t know what “pedestrian” means and so have resorted to hieroglyphics? By the time a typical driver (say, me) has translated the sign — which seems to be quite small in proportion to its stated purpose of protecting pedestrians — there’s a line of irate drivers honking in frustration. And why the extra cautionary arrow to especially avoid pedestrians “from here to?” I want to know: From here to where? If we have to be told to yield to pedestrians beginning at a certain point, then we need that ending point, too. Do not leave us hanging, infinitive-wise. Besides, shouldn’t we always yield to anybody out walking in the street, whether there’s a sign instructing us to do so or not? Just common courtesy, seems to me.

Inquiring minds …

2 thoughts on “Street Talk

  1. Amen, Sister! I’m glad I’m not the only one annoyed with this sign. The first few times I passed it I would just catch a glimpse of red and the arrow. I would then slow down in confusion and wonder – did I just run a new-fangled stop sign? And like you, I don’t need a sign to prevent me from mowing down a pedestrian. Heck, I even stop for the random squirrels crossing the street!

  2. This is why I love my friends so much — fellow squirrel protectors!!!
    And if this is a glimpse of a new generation of street signage, I think we’re all in trouble.

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