Fall Non-Decorating

I used to practically redo my house when fall rolled around — everything from autumn-themed dishes and linens in the kitchen to fall-scented soaps and lotions in the bathroom, not to mention hay bales, dried corn and pumpkins everywhere. That was back in my days as a Mom with Kids Running Around. Something about having kids makes us moms determined to make each holiday memorable — and my way was to turn the house into Fall HQ. This year, however, my kids are grown up and running around their own places and my husband only knows it’s fall because football’s started. So I celebrated the upcoming change of seasons by getting out orange and brown espresso cups and coffee mugs. That’s it. I’m done. No scarecrows or cornstalks for me. I’m happy to simplify, simplify, simplify.

But … oh, OK, I’ll get out the brown plaid tablecloth. With matching napkins. And the Autumn Spice candles. Then there’s the popcorn bowl painted with candy corn. Didn’t I make a Halloween tree one year? And I might as well find those pottery jack-o-lanterns while I’m at it …

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