Customer Service

I am fascinated with the coffee setup at my car dealership. I mean, this thing has every possible flavor of coffee you could want, as well as tea, sweeteners and creamers. It’s like a mini coffee shop right there in the waiting area. For free. And it’s way fun to use, too. You pick out the little foil packet with the coffee or tea you want and insert it into the maker (on the far right in the photo above). Follow the prompts, press a button, put a cup under the spout and in a minute you’ve got your drink — and the machine has swallowed the packet and is ready for the next. I don’t even like instant coffee, yet I can’t help but play with this every time I’m there. There’s also a drip coffee maker with both leaded and unleaded (as my husband calls “caf” and “decaf”) — I’m guessing that’s for folks who aren’t patient enough for instant. And speaking of cool things in businesses, this mouthwash station is in the women’s restroom (and I assume the men’s, too) of a downtown business center, and I’ve noticed similar ones in a couple other places. A great idea, especially for those of us quilty of carrying toothbrushes in our purses — a holdover habit from having to wear braces. Twice.

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