7.8 Pounds of Fall Fashion

If your mailbox has been groaning in protest lately, maybe it’s suffering from Fall Fashion overload. The combined weight of the September 2008 issues of magazine favorites “Vogue,” “Lucky” and “InStyle” is 7.8 pounds and total width (or is that depth — high-school geometry was so long ago!) is 2-1/2 inches. That’s a lot of fashion, but still, I guarantee you, come October I will stand in my closet and whine and complain that I don’t have a thing to wear. And speaking of, what is that thing Keira Knightley is wearing on the Vogue cover? I know that fashion designers have to be wildly creative and that these magazines are mostly fantasy and dreams (for those of us with TJ Maxx budgets, at least), but shouldn’t those fantasy and dreams at least be pretty and/or flattering? I’m just saying.

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