Gall Bladders

Bowl of get-well goodiesMy son-in-law, Jason, had his gall bladder out this past weekend and so for the past several days I’ve been helping my daughter take care of her two helpless men: the patient and my almost-13-months grandson, Capt. Adorable. Well, actually my “helping” consists of playing with and going to the playground with and having fun with Capt. Adorable, while my daughter whips up smoothies for the patient and tries to encourage him that he’ll feel better soon and it will all be worth it. I was amazed that major organ removal could be done in a couple hours as outpatient surgery, but Jason did have a bit of a problem at the hospital and had to have a catheter, which has caused him worse pain and discomfort than the actual surgery. Today the catheter comes out, though, and hopefully the healing process can continue. One of my other jobs as helper was to answer the phone and the doorbell as concerned friends and family checked in. And I hit the jackpot one afternoon when a friend of theirs brought over a combination belated Easter basket and bowl of get-well-after-gall-bladder-surgery goodies. The gift-giver had had gall-bladder surgery a couple years ago and also knew that my daughter and son-in-law try to eat healthy and organic, so the goodie bowl was full of good-for-you treats and easy-on-the-tummy mixes, although hidden in the bottom were a few almond and dark-chocolate Snickers — my daughter’s favorite guilty junk-food pleasure. Because if you can’t indulge a bit when your husband has a catheter in and four incisions on his abdomen, when can you???