Pouting But Still Cute

pouting-baby-005My 7 1/2-month-old grandson, Nolan Thomas Behel, was not having a pouting-baby-002good day. His mommy had just tried to suction out his stuffy nose, then she put a hat and scarf on him and then put him in his stroller to go shopping with his Aunt Carolyn and his grandma (me). This was the first time we’d ever seen him cop a bit of an attitude, and it was hilarious. He was so mad at us — wouldn’t even look at us or smile! We just laughed at him. Poor baby! Actually, I’ve seen this exact same expression on my husband when I make him go shopping, although I don’t make him wear a hat and scarf. And even though Nolan and his step-grandpa are not related by blood, it’s further proof that all men, no matter what their ages, share the same DNA.