Friday afternoon

Oh, wow! Blogging is fun. Thanks to all for positive comments via e-mail. Much appreciated!

My PEO meeting was like a reunion. Those women are so much fun — smart, kind, generous and caring. They didn’t even care that I’d been missing for about five years.  The hostess’s home had a stunning view of the Tennessee River, too. I think I’m going to enjoy being a part of this group again. My advice to anyone who’s been a less-than-active member of any group you care about: Give yourself a good talking to and start back! The rewards will outweigh any misgivings you have about reconnecting. I promise!

I also stopped by to visit my mother-in-law at her nursing home, although it was lunchtime and she was too busy finishing her fried chicken to converse. She’s very single-minded when it comes to food, but then, why not? If you can’t enjoy your food at 93, then it’s a sad, sad world.

We took my grandson to see his great-grandmother in her nursing home -- her first great-grandchild. I think she got a kick out of him!

We took my grandson to see his great-grandmother (my mother-in-law) in her nursing home -- her first great-grandchild. I think she got a kick out of him!

Then later, to vigorously attack the aforementioned middle-age spread, I did The Firm’s High-Def Sculpt DVD. This is a new one I just ordered, and it’s great. Really worked the muscles but not so repetitive as to be boring. And I’m not even going to dip into the Chocolate Granola today — that’s the plan, anyway. However, I can’t be virtuous in all areas everyday, so I think I’ll head down to this new boutique that’s opened up in town and see if that cute dress I tried on this morning is still there.  Let’s see: New Dress versus Chocolate Granola. That’s a tough one!!!!

Friday morning

Arrggghhhh! That was not a sexy pirate’s “arrggghhhh,” but rather an “arrrggghhh” of frustation because I ate really healthy (healthily? healthfully?) all day Thursday and yet the scale this morning showed a half-pound gain. Does Sugarbaker’s Chocolate Granola really have that many calories????? I’ve got to get a handle on this middle-age spread that’s … well … spreading. Yuck.

I also am missing the Cutest Baby Ever — grandson Nolan.

Cutest Baby Ever!!!

Cutest Baby Ever!!!

I haven’t seen him for almost two weeks (since were were all in Pensacola) and my daughter Liz says he has grown so much. I thought about running over to Huntsville to see him today, but we’re all gathering at my parents’ house in Manchester, Tenn., tomorrow, so I know I’ll see him then, although I’ll have to share him with everybody. In fact, I’ll be a good grandma and let everybody else hold him since I can theoretically hold him anytime. I stayed away this past week while Jason, Nolan’s daddy, enjoyed his last few days of summer vacation before he headed back to his high-school teaching job.

You can see why I miss this little guy!!! Can’t wait until he knows his grandma!!!!!

I’m also headed to a meeting of the local PEO chapter this morning. This is a philanthropic-education women’s group that I’m a third-generation member of.  While I was working at the newspaper I couldn’t go to the meetings, but since I’ve become a freelance writer and my schedule is my own, one of my goals has been to become a regular and active member again. This is a great bunch of women and I’m looking forward to reconnecting.