A Monthly Trip to New England

My brother and sister-in-law, Michael and Zanny, live in Portland, Me., and are the New England branch of the Southern-bound Wood family. One Christmas Zanny gave me this wonderful desktop calendar from Abacus Publishing in Boothbay Harbor, Me. You display it in a plastic easel and each month when you change the page, you get this wonderful illustration of New England life. The illustrator, Dana Heacock, paints from photos he takes of churches, dogs, flowers and other everyday southern Maine scenes. Love it! Ever since that Christmas, I’ve always ordered myself the next year’s calendar — the illustrations are so cheerful, homelike and cozy. But this year when it was time for August 2008, I found April 2008 instead. Drat! Who needs two Aprils, especially when it’s August? So I called Abacus (800.206.2166 or visit the Web site at www.abacusgallery.com) and the folks there graciously sent another 2008 calendar, plus I got an early chance to order 2009. Isn’t it nice when businesses are helpful? Just sort of puts you in a good mood. And I’m glad I got the August page, since it’s gorgeous. I could live in that house.