A story our friend and my husband’s co-worker Ginna Parsons posted on Facebook:

Just wanted to say what a chivalrous man John Pitts is. Today I got out of my car at work after lunch and had apparently pulled a “Julia Sugarbaker.” That’s right. The back of my skirt was tucked into my drawers. John followed me across the parking lot, caught up to me and quietly said, “Uh, Ginna, I think your skirt is kind of twisted there and it looks like a two-hand job. You might want to fix it before you get in the office.” Then he averted his eyes as I adjusted said skirt. Fortunately I was wearing a slip. As if that’s any consolation. That’s why they call him Mr. Pitts. Cathy, you’ve got yourself a good one!

I do have a good one. My husband, a sports editor at one of Mississippi’s best daily newspapers, can be sort of prickly, I think — it’s fair to say that most people approach him somewhat cautiously. But those who truly know him know he was raised right and that he ALWAYS goes out of his way to help anybody who needs it, even in a fashion crisis. Also: Years of watching women walk finally paid off for him. P.S. When Ginna put this on her Facebook timeline, I was amazed at the young ‘uns (and I’m talking women in their 30s here) who 1) did not recognize the “Julia Sugarbaker” reference and 2) do not own a slip. What is this world coming to when you have to explain who Julia Sugarbaker is or why sometimes you really need to wear a slip????

4 thoughts on “Slips

  1. I walked into Blood bank one day a few years back telling my co-worker Nelda that Dorothy Hamill haircuts are coming back into style. Our student doing clinical laboratory rotation gave us the deer in the headlight look. I looked at her and asked you don’t know who Dorothy is? No she said. I used to use Fred Sanford’s comment that I’m coming to see you Elizabeth, but my co-workers are getting younger and don’t know who he is.

  2. I think it just means we are getting older and wiser. No worries though 🙂 Now we are the generation that the younger will look up to (just like we just to look up to the generation before us).

  3. For what it’s worth – I own several slips and I wear them. And, I have four more months until I’m 30. But the Julia Sugarbaker reference did go over my head.

    Good to keep up with you on the interwebs, Cathy!

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