Newspapers ‘R’ Us

Husband JP and I are newspaper geeks. We met at a newspaper — Sidelines, the student newspaper at Middle Tennessee State University, in Murfreesboro, Tenn. We work for newspapers — he’s actually fortunate enough to get a regular paycheck from one. We talk and post and discuss and argue about newspapers (and also whose turn it is to clean out the cat boxes and which one of us forgot to buy beer). And we buy newspapers — you know, the old-fashioned kind made of paper — everywhere we go. When we travel, our hotel room is littered with newspapers. We take stacks into restaurants (although not the really good ones). We pile them in the back seat of the car and haul them home for additional perusal. In doing all this, we stumble across some fascinating things. Such as the fact that the May 27 edition of the Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press — the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend — weighed in at an incredible 2 pounds and, when folded, was 1 1/2 inches deep. This is, we calculated, about four times bigger than your average regular daily paper and seemed mainly due to an inordinately large amount of advertising inserts. Most papers, it seemed to us, had a lighter number of inserts for Memorial Day Sunday. Anyway, this is the sort of stuff that fascinates us. Just wait until you hear our discussion on Times Roman versus Times New Roman.

6 thoughts on “Newspapers ‘R’ Us

  1. I just got mad at the TD today and cancelled by subscription. I went on line on 5-7 and paid for 12 wks or so I thought. I got a past due bill from them Sat. and when I called this afternoon, I was told “Oh that doesn’t work, your information goes into never never land'” You’ll have to come by, or I can take it over the phone, or mail it in. Why do you have it available as a payment option if it doesn’t work if asked? I’m not sure but they should have it working sometime. So now it looks I’m way past due I said even though I paid on time on line?

  2. I love newpapers (key word papers) as well. I remember looking forward to the afternoon papers and sadly watched their demise. Now it seems the papers are terribly generic what with the mega-publishers buying them out. I also buy local newspapers when we travel. The free USA Today the hotel provides is just not sufficient.

    The best parts of our newpapers now are the columns and the “Letters to the Editor.” One learns a lot about the folks who live nearby when you read their outrageous letters. Funny and tragic at the same time.

  3. Mary — So sorry you had trouble with the TD. That’s frustrating. But, see, that led to something good: You starting “The Tuscumbian.” Proud of you!

  4. I write a column for the Quad Cities Daily now also. They shouldn’t have the link up if it’s not working. Now they have in their records I’m delinquent.

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