It’s Still Fall, Y’all

I’m rebelling. I’m staging a protest. I’m calling it “Occupy Autumn” and I’m refusing to budge until Dec. 1.  Or at least until Thanksgiving’s over. Who’s with me??? I mean, Christmas ads are all over TV, Wal-Mart’s been stocking eggnog for a couple of weeks and my town already has Christmas lights strung up and downtown windows decorated — and all before we barely got out of our Halloween costumes and had time to separate the good candy (anything chocolate, caramel or peanut butter) from the bad (anything that looks as if it came from a basket of restaurant mints). Forget Turkey Day — Christmas*** already has obliterated that quaint tradition and now has set its sights on blasting Oct. 31 out of the holiday rotation. Before you know it, Labor Day will simply be a precursor to the pre–pre-Christmas sales. So, let’s make a stand. Keep your pumpkins and your earth-tone tableware out for a few more weeks. Use those orange dishes and autumn-themed linens right up until December. Let your fall flag fly!

***And by “Christmas,” I mean that whole outspend/out-buy/out-holiday mentality that causes us to go broke and crazy every year about this time. The birth of a baby to a young couple staying in a barn in Bethlehem about 2,000 years ago? That’s a whole different story.

6 thoughts on “It’s Still Fall, Y’all

  1. I think Lowe’s beat WallyWorld with the Chirstmas decos this year. Why can’t thy let us enjoy the other days without skipping over them and going straight to Christmas? With my co-pay when I have knee surgery in a couple of weeks, I think Christmas won’t be lean this year.

  2. I’m with you! I dearly love Thanksgiving and I refuse to surrender it to the chaos of a commercialized Christmas. I’m having too much fun trying to decide how to do the turkey this year. (One benefit of having the children gone is that we can be as creative as we wish with Thanksgiving dinner.)

  3. You’re right on. The Christmas season shouldn’t begin until Black Friday. Like many other traditions, people have forgotten the true meaning of these Holidays.

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