No. Just — No

Dear Retailers: Were you not listening when I ranted about tricking us shoppers into buying fall stuff despite the fact we still have leftover red, white and blue cupcakes? Get a grip -- preferably not on my debit card.

2 thoughts on “No. Just — No

  1. Seriously?

    Well, there is a store in Dallas called the Christmas Tree Shoppe and it is open all year round. I only went in there at Christmas so I don’t know what it is like right now in the 100-degree weather. Apparently, they are owned by Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

  2. Denise — See, I don’t mind year-round Christmas stores. Some folks think about decorating and designing and creating for December during all the remaining 11 months. That’s okay. But when retailers put out holiday merchandise a full three months before even the glimmerings of the beginning of said holiday, then I suspect the retailers think they can pressure me into buying something before its time. And of course they can because I’m easily distracted and highly suspectible. But that’s beside the point.

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